Welcome to the FAM Community

Welcome to the FAM!

We are so glad that you are here.  

At the female athlete mission, we are seeking to having real conversations about faith! Whether on the field/court or off of it, we are seeking to be women of God, with the ultimate goal to know God better and make him known everywhere!

Our hope for you is that you will feel encouraged and inspired here. Being a female Christian athlete has it’s unique dynamics and unique challenges. Often times it can be so isolating and even discouraging! We hope that you will be able to come be apart of the bigger community of other female Christian athletes. You are no alone… you are not the only one trying to fight the good fight!!

Please email us, subscribe, and be apart of this community! Comment to the articles and engage the content. Share the articles with others girls you may know. Start having these conversations wherever you are. 

We love you and are praying for you. 

Be encouraged,

The FAM.