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Ep. 47 - One Question to Make You More Bold on Your Team

Today Natalie takes us into the Bible, reading the first chapter of Galatians.

Do you want to be more bold on your team? Here is one simple question to check what might be holding you back...

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Ep. 46 - Worried about Being Perfect? - Q&A with Megan Miller

Today we ask Megan two questions from listeners.

#1: How do you follow the Word of God without worrying about being perfect?

#2: To spread love, do you have to have it first?

To hear more of Megan’s story, check out Episode #45!

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Ep #45- My Testimony and How to Spend an Hour with God - w/ Megan Miller

In this podcast episode, Megan Miller shares her story and explains how important it is to spend time with God on a day to day basis! Her story was so amazing we did it in two parts!! Check out the rest on episode 46.

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Ep #44 - Feeling Lonely and Embracing the Present - with Sierra Crook Shenkin

Sierra Crook Shenkin of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and volleyball alum of Adelphi University shares her story with us! Our conversation begins with Sierra's testimony - and how she learned that she could be with God everywhere... even the volleyball court!

Then we go into a Q&A time to answer listener questions! These are the two questions we cover:
1. Have you ever dealt with loneliness? And struggle to feel God's presence? How did you deal with that?
2. How do you embrace the present?

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Ep #43 - Going into Summer Break with Purpose

Maybe you are someone who has crazy lofty goals of all the things you want to accomplish this summer. Or maybe you are someone who is so exhausted from the year, all you want to do is relax and do absolutely nothing.

Natalie shares 5 encouragements for you as you enter into your summer season. These encouragements will help you put some intention into summer but also to help you find joy and fulfillment the next few months.

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Ep #42 - Transgenderism in Female Sports (PART 2 of Being Female Series) - with Erin Kunkle

We're back with Erin Kunkle to talk deeper into the topics of gender and sports! Make sure to listen to PART 1 first, episode #41!

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Ep #41 - Biblical Perspective on Being Female (Part 1) - with Erin Kunkle

We sat down with Erin Kunkle of Maven ministries to talk through what it looks like to have a biblical world view on being a female.

We have had several conversations on the FAM about femininity and what that means but today we wanted to be more explicit about this question! We are a community that celebrates female athletes - so let’s talk through what makes us female.

“MAVEN exists to help the next generation know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty, and to equip those who teach and train them—parents, youth workers, pastors and educators—to do the same.”

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Ep #40 - Finding Motivation from Within - VIDEO OPTION!

During this ten minute Tuesday episode, Natalie talks through the internal dialogue you might be having while you are working out ON YOUR OWN! What keeps you motivated? Are you intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?

This is a great episode for you NARPs out there trying to keep working hard! But it can also be helpful for anyone wanted to push themselves to the next level.

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Ep #39 - Sport Psychology and the Mental Game

Today we're talking about the MENTAL side of our sport! We interview Roger Kirtz (M.A. Sport Psychology and author of “Perform! How to Shine When the Lights are Brightest”) about why the mental skills are so important in being our best. This episode will inspire you to dive deeper into sport psychology and will give you practical steps to grow in this area. Roger is convinced that the biggest issue we all have is: FOCUS. How can we get better at this? Listen to find out!

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Ep #38 - Owning Your Story - with Brittany Barkley

Brittany went through tearing her ACL and getting cut from her club soccer team in high school. It felt like a major setback that could've derailed her, but instead God showed her to embrace her own story. Instead of being bitter, comparing, or quitting, she decided to embrace where God had her. She then played soccer at Seattle Pacific University and as soon as she graduated college, she married her high school sweetheart, Matt Barkley!

On this episode, we talk through each phase of Brittany's life and what God taught her through it all. We talk about what it's like now to be a wife in the NFL and in the spotlight. We talk about identity. And we talk about knowing Jesus!

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Ep #37 - Three Steps to Reclaiming your Identity

We talk about "identity" a lot in Christian circles. But if we know the truth about ourselves, then why are we still so insecure and fearful??? We need TOOLS to recenter ourself on our true identity... because something is clearly still going wrong!

In this Ten-Minute-Tuesday episode, Natalie gives you three steps to RECLAIMING your true identity. This episode should give you a practical exercise to do the moment you finish listening!

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Ep #36 - From Stressed-Out Freshman, to Humble Leader - with Nikki Dunn

Vanguard University soccer alumni and coach, Nikki Dunn, shares with us her journey with college soccer. She learned how much she needed to give up control to God and TRUST His plan for her. She learned how much she good give her stress up to God and to not be complacent in her faith. And also, that college soccer can be HARD! She has some awesome encouragements for you today.

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Ep. #35 - Practical Tools for Performance Anxiety

Do you ever get so nervous and anxious that it affects your performance? Yeah, ME TOO!!! Today in this 10 minute episode we talk about THREE practical tools to combat performance anxiety.

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Ep. #34 - Is God Taking Root in Your Life?

Do you go to church on Sunday and then forget all about God by Monday morning? Has your devotional time with God been distracted and... a little dead? And it’s really not influencing your life at all? In this 10 minute episode we break down a passage in the Bible! This is an episode about checking in with yourself and taking inventory of how you have been receiving God lately!

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Ep. #33 - Dating, Purity, Becoming Whole in Christ - with Trevor and Natalie Lawrence

Podcast host Natalie Lawrence interviews her husband Trevor! We talk about our love story and how EVERYTHING changed when we individually started to follow Jesus. From high school sweet hearts, long distance dating, and now marriage! NOTE: This is note a "success" story. Instead, we hope that you will be encouraged to hear a story of God's faithfulness! We want to share our story to shed light on how important it is to have Jesus the main thing.

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Ep. #32 - Bobsledding and Keeping Jesus at the Center - with Brittany Reinbolt

Team USA Bobsledder, Brittany Reinbolt, has always been a self-starter. She decides what she wants to do and she goes after it! After moving from the East Coast to California to play women's pro football, she eventually found herself intrigued with the sport of bobsledding and began to pursue the US team! AND SHE DID IT. During this interview we talk about what it's like to bobsled and what it's like to keep Jesus at the center of her sport.

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Ep. #31 - Feeling Misunderstood as a Professional Dancer - with Lauren Petrilli

Lauren Petrilli is a retired professional dancer - ATTENTION: She was on tour with Justin Bieber!!! Lauren grew up in a conservative church that didn't understand dancing as a sport. She often felt judged, accused, and misunderstood. During this interview, Lauren walks us through her story as a dancer, how she was able to be strong in her faith amidst it all, and the ultimate decision to walk away from dance.

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Ep. #30 - My College Redshirt Story - with Melissa Ma

Redshirt: (Noun) a college athlete who is withdrawn from college sporting events during one year in order to develop skills or heal an injury, and extend the period of playing eligibility by a further year at this level of competition.

Many college athletes redshirt. And it is not an easy process. University of the Pacific soccer player, Melissa Ma, has a crazy redshirt story. Listen to her whole story and be encouraged and inspired!

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Ep. #29 - "Who Am I? Why Am I Here?" - with Kristin Stockfisch

In high school and college it's easy to feel lost... "Who am I? Who am I supposed to be?" Today's guest, Kristin Stockfisch, is passionate about helping young women find who they are. She is an Arizona State volleyball alum and used to be on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Whether it is from her own journey of self awareness, or working with other female athletes, she has so much wisdom. Listen for practical tools to find out who you are and who God has created you to be.

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Ep. #28 - When Your Prayers Are Not Being Answered - with Natalie Lawrence

This season can be a great time for goal setting! It's a great time to look forward and dream about what the future can look like. However, it can also be a time of disappointment. It can be a season where you look back and see how many goals you set LAST year and never completed, or things you have longed for and prayed for last year but haven't come to fruition.

I am someone who has prayed for the same things for years. God, WHY HAVEN'T YOU ANSWERED? If this resonates with you about anything, I have THREE encouragements for you. Listen to hear 3 encouragements when you feel like your prayers are not being answered.

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Ep. #27 - "I Hate My Body. I'm Too Fat." - Body Image Episode - with Julia Patton

Maybe you are thinking "I hate my body" and you want to change. We have a solution for you!! Don't change your body, change your mind. Today's guest, Julia Patton has been through the cycle many times but eventually realized that it wasn't her body that was "wrong," but rather the way she was thinking.

We hope this conversation sparks something in you. And remember, if you want to get your body bikini ready, all you have to do is go buy a bikini and out your body in it.

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Ep. #26 - You Never Have to be a NARP! - with Master Rower Amy Lawrence

NARP = Non athlete regular person.

Amy Lawrence is a Master rower. When her youngest son was 10 years old she decided to get back into the sport she loved in college: she joined a competitive women's rowing team!

You are going to be so inspired by Amy and the group of women she rows with. It's never too late to pursue your sport. We joke about becoming a NARP here on the FAM and it feels like a death sentence! But Amy proves us all wrong and shows how you can be an athlete for the rest of your life.

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Ep. #25 - What I Learned Playing at a Christian College - with Natalie DuBoise

Natalie played soccer at Libscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. Today on the podcast she shares why she chose a Christian college and how much God taught her through her college career.

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Ep. #24 - Only Jesus Satisfies - with KJ Hornibrook

KJ’s story is about college soccer, the need to be the best, and concussions. But ultimately, it’s a story about how nothing can satisfy our hearts the way that Jesus can!!

KJ played college soccer at Houghton College and then transferred to play at Westmont College where she finished her career. Now she works for Circuit Riders (YWAM) and is on a mission to reach this upcoming generation for Jesus Christ!

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Ep. 23 - When Your Sport Ends - NOW WHAT? - with Sierra Christopher

Southern California native, Sierra Christopher, went across the country to Illinois to play soccer at Trinity Christian College. After recently graduating, she is reflecting on how hard it was too go so far from home for school, and then to transition back when your sport ends! We talk about all details and practical encouragements for anyone going through that same transition. You are not alone!

Read Sierra's article about leadership here

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Ep. #22 - So What’s The Bible All About? - with Michelle Eastman

Point Loma alum, Michelle Eastman, has spent the last few years as a missionary bible teacher. She is wise, passionate, and hilarious. Whether you regularly read the Bible or you have never even opened one, this episode will inspire you and enlighten you. What is the bible all about? How should we read it? Why should we read it? Let's answer these questions today! We also get to hear Michelle's inspiring story of how she ended up at Point Loma.

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Ep. #21 - Too Many Concussions and How I Found Jesus - with Kayla Perry (Part 2)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro alumni, Kayla Perry, was faced with the really hard reality of too many concussions. Listen to her whole story and how God ultimately found her through all of it.

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Ep. #20 - Crumbling Under the Pressure to Be Perfect - with Kayla Perry (Part 1)

UNC Greensboro soccer alum - Kayla Perry, reflects on her high school days when she suffered from performance anxiety. Her dad was that intense soccer dad who wanted the BEST for her, and yet as pressure got too big to impress him, she began to crumble. Can you relate? Maybe it's a parent, a coach, or even yourself, but when you get so anxious to perform well, it can often cripple your game. Here Kayla will tell us her story and encourage us in specific ways.

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Ep. #19 - Do You Want a Burning Heart for God? - with Becky Tirabassi

Becky is a pastor/writer/speaker whose heart is on fire for Jesus. She went from being a 4.0 athlete who had gotten lost in addiction and brokenness, to becoming a woman of God, free and empowered with the Holy Spirit! Hear her whole testimony in this episode, including a charge for you to ignite your faith and love for Jesus.

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Ep. #18 - When You Aren’t Getting Playing Time - with Natalie Lawrence

Here are three actions to take when you find out that you are not starting or not getting the playing time you think you deserve.

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Ep. #17 - Reflecting on College Volleyball - with McKensey Wise

Listen to a conversation reflecting on college sports: leadership, identity, body image, authenticity, and faith amidst it all.

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Ep. #16 - Hope Amidst Career Ending Injury and Hard Life Events - with Mariah Frerichs

UCSB Track and Field Alumni, Mariah Frerichs shares with us 8 encouragements for YOU, after she endured family deaths, big transition, and a career ending injury.

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Click HERE for Mariah’s helpful list of resources.


Ep. #15 - Can you be Feminine and Strong as a Woman in Sports? - with Hannah Terry

What is femininity? Can you be feminine and still be a strong athlete? Does being competitive or sporty make you less feminine? Then why is, "you throw like a girl" used as an insult?

University of the Pacific soccer alumni, Hannah Terry and host Natalie Lawrence discuss these questions! Listen in as Hannah and Natalie talk through their own experiences and thoughts as female athletes. Acknowledging that men and women are different, how do we navigate these challenges?

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Ep. #14 - How to be the Best Captain

Here are Natalie's 6 non-negotiable qualities that a captain of a team MUST have!

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Ep. #13 - Heptathlon, Sophomore Slump, and Trusting God - with UCSB Track Star Hope Bender

Hope Bender is a senior on the track team at UC Santa Barbara. She competes in the heptathlon, which is a combination of seven events over two days! In this episode, Hope shares with us the mental and emotional strength it takes to compete in such an intense sport. We also talk about her sophomore slump and how it almost destroyed her and her faith. But instead, she was able to grow stronger through it.

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E. #12 - Mental Health Pt. 2: The Depressed Athlete - with Kaitlin Patton

Current clinical psychology doctorate student, Kaitlin Patton, unpacks the mental health of an athlete. This episode is focusing on the "depressed athlete", which is part TWO of this two week series.

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Ep. #11 - Mental Health Pt. 1: The Anxious Athlete - with Kaitlin Patton

Current clinical psychology doctorate student, Kaitlin Patton, unpacks the mental health of an athlete. This episode is focusing on the "anxious athlete", which is part ONE of a two week series.

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Ep. #10 - Can I Date Someone Who Doesn't Follow Jesus? - with Bryn Chesser

Vanguard University soccer player, Bryn Chesser shares her journey of growing up a Christian, going to a Christian college, and then dating a non-Christian dude. How did it work in her life? Did it influence her faith? How did she feel about it then and how does she feel about it now?

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Ep. #9 - Finding my Faith Playing Tennis at UCLA - with Keri Phebus Olson

NCAA champion and former professional tennis player shares with us how she became a Christian at UCLA playing tennis. Listen and learn how much it changed her sport forever. Listen on Apple HERE -or- Soundcloud HERE


Ep. #8 - UCLA Gymnastics Journey Paved by Faith - with JaNay Honest

JaNay worked her way from being an unassuming recruit, to a walk on at UCLA, to a National CHAMP! Listen to her whole story - trusting God and working incredibly hard. "Be anxious for nothing, be thankful for everything. Compete for an audience of One.



Ep. #7 - Three Ways to Step Up in Leadership TODAY

Natalie Lawrence talks about three ways God is challenging her to step up as a leader. This episode will inspire you to do the same!



Ep. #6 - How To Have Patience While Pursuing Your Dreams - with Elizabeth Eddy

Professional soccer player Elizabeth Eddy shares with us the struggles amidst her current season with the North Carolina Courage. Even though she's not getting the playing time she wants, she is still finding joy and purpose from the Lord. She gives us some practical tips on how to continue when we aren't where we WANT to be yet. She encourages us to continue pursuing our dreams, being honest with God the whole way. LISTEN HERE!


Ep. #5 - Practical Ways To Combat Anxiety - with Casey Cardinio

Casey was a lacrosse playing, ASB loving, Pastor's kid in high school. Her life may have looked good and busy from the outside... but after a traumatic event, she became really anxious on the inside. In this interview, Casey tells us all about how her anxiety started and how she has taken steps to conquer it. You will leave this interview encouraged, with practical tools to implement in your life TODAY. LISTEN HERE!


Ep. #4 - Where Does God Want Me To Go? - with Natalie Lawrence

Are you overwhelmed with a big decision? What college to go to? What major to choose? What jobs to apply for? In this short episode, you will leave with 3 important tips in figuring out the answer to these questions. LISTEN HERE.


Ep. #3 - Experiencing God through Dance - with Ali Woodward

Natalie talks with Ali Woodward, a high school junior who is on the dance team at Newport Harbor High School. Is dance a sport? Can Christians be dancers? How can you experience God when you dance? Ali gives us all the scoop and shares a story of how one dance number changed her life and taught her to trust God. Ali is honest, articulate, and REAL. Enjoy the interview here!


Ep. #2 - FOUR Encouragements For Starting Something New

Natalie shares 4 encouragements for starting something new. As competitive athletes, it's really hard to start at ground zero. We get discouraged, we compare, we get anxious, and doubt ourselves. Listen HERE to these four encouragements to combat this negativity.


Ep. #1 - Interview with Nicholle Frei

Nicholle faced consecutive injury during her first year playing division 1 college soccer. In our conversation she explains how hard it was and yet how much God was there through it all. Listen to the conversation HERE!