Ep. #13 - Heptathlon, Sophomore Slump, and Trusting God - with UCSB Track Star Hope Bender

Hope Bender is a senior on the track team at UC Santa Barbara. She competes in the heptathlon, which is a combination of seven events over two days! In this episode, Hope shares with us the mental and emotional strength it takes to compete in such an intense sport. We also talk about her sophomore slump and how it almost destroyed her and her faith. But instead, she was able to grow stronger through it. 

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E. #12 - Mental Health Pt. 2: The Depressed Athlete - with Kaitlin Patton

Current clinical psychology doctorate student, Kaitlin Patton, unpacks the mental health of an athlete. This episode is focusing on the "depressed athlete", which is part TWO of this two week series.

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Ep. #11 - Mental Health Pt. 1: The Anxious Athlete - with Kaitlin Patton

Current clinical psychology doctorate student, Kaitlin Patton, unpacks the mental health of an athlete. This episode is focusing on the "anxious athlete", which is part ONE of a two week series.

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Ep. #10 - Can I Date Someone Who Doesn't Follow Jesus? - with Bryn Chesser

Vanguard University soccer player, Bryn Chesser shares her journey of growing up a Christian, going to a Christian college, and then dating a non-Christian dude. How did it work in her life? Did it influence her faith? How did she feel about it then and how does she feel about it now?

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Ep. #9 - Finding my Faith Playing Tennis at UCLA - with Keri Phebus Olson

NCAA champion and former professional tennis player shares with us how she became a Christian at UCLA playing tennis. Listen and learn how much it changed her sport forever. Listen on Apple HERE  -or-  Soundcloud HERE



Ep. #8 - UCLA Gymnastics Journey Paved by Faith - with JaNay Honest

JaNay worked her way from being an unassuming recruit, to a walk on at UCLA, to a National CHAMP! Listen to her whole story - trusting God and working incredibly hard. "Be anxious for nothing, be thankful for everything. Compete for an audience of One. 

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Ep. #7 - Three Ways to Step Up in Leadership TODAY

Natalie Lawrence talks about three ways God is challenging her to step up as a leader. This episode will inspire you to do the same!




Ep. #6 - How To Have Patience While Pursuing Your Dreams - with Elizabeth Eddy

Professional soccer player Elizabeth Eddy shares with us the struggles amidst her current season with the North Carolina Courage. Even though she's not getting the playing time she wants, she is still finding joy and purpose from the Lord. She gives us some practical tips on how to continue when we aren't where we WANT to be yet. She encourages us to continue pursuing our dreams, being honest with God the whole way. LISTEN HERE!


Ep. #5 - Practical Ways To Combat Anxiety - with Casey Cardinio

Casey was a lacrosse playing, ASB loving, Pastor's kid in high school. Her life may have looked good and busy from the outside... but after a traumatic event, she became really anxious on the inside. In this interview, Casey tells us all about how her anxiety started and how she has taken steps to conquer it. You will leave this interview encouraged, with practical tools to implement in your life TODAY. LISTEN HERE!


Ep. #4 - Where Does God Want Me To Go? - with Natalie Lawrence

Are you overwhelmed with a big decision? What college to go to? What major to choose? What jobs to apply for? In this short episode, you will leave with 3 important tips in figuring out the answer to these questions. LISTEN HERE.


Ep. #3 - Experiencing God through Dance - with Ali Woodward

Natalie talks with Ali Woodward, a high school junior who is on the dance team at Newport Harbor High School. Is dance a sport? Can Christians be dancers? How can you experience God when you dance? Ali gives us all the scoop and shares a story of how one dance number changed her life and taught her to trust God. Ali is honest, articulate, and REAL.  Enjoy the interview here!



Ep. #2 - FOUR Encouragements For Starting Something New

Natalie shares 4 encouragements for starting something new. As competitive athletes, it's really hard to start at ground zero. We get discouraged, we compare, we get anxious, and doubt ourselves. Listen HERE to these four encouragements to combat this negativity.


Ep. #1 - Interview with Nicholle Frei

Nicholle faced consecutive injury during her first year playing division 1 college soccer. In our conversation she explains how hard it was and yet how much God was there through it all. Listen to the conversation HERE!